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Our paradise destiny

Being a part of INIT* (founding members, left) gave me the most amazing surprise of this lifetimeóthe opportunity to work closely with The Seven ethereals, a cluster of angelic beings who have monitored our world for millions of years. Life just seemed to be a lot more blissful and vibrant when they were involved in our group and in our lives, providing background support. Compared to us humans, The Seven seemed to have unlimited wisdom, knowledge and power.

(Two of The Seven showed themselves to INIT in a picture, left, that came through the TV set of our Luxembourg members. One of the ethereals is in the foreground, and another is in the backgrouind. The light emanations of the being in back shows perhaps why we have romantic notions of winged angels.)

Subscribers to Contact! would sometimes ask me, if these ethereals are so powerful, why donít they give us what we need to bring lasting peace and prosperity to our world? I always knew it had something to do with us, not with them, but I couldnít put my finger on the exact reason. It was in the course of writing The Project that it became clear to me why ethereal beings canít or won't simply sweep away the problems of our world. I pieced the puzzle together from various sourcesóscience and legend, as well as the mind-boggling messages The Seven themselves had given us before the collapse of INIT around 1999.

It does indeed have to do with us and what it means to be human. Something momentous happened in our world long, long ago, which began shaping our evolution, turning us into human beings who had god-like qualities on one hand (intelligence, compassion, and a sense of loving stewardship for the planet), and on the other hand rather ruthless tendencies driven by our fears, insecurities, and animosities, always pushing us toward lifeís dramas.

As a result of these mega-events long ago (longer ago than I would have believed possible before writing The Project), we humans today have a dual nature. Our savage side is deeply and inexorably ingrained in us, causing all sorts of problems in our personal lives and boiling over into social unrest and international tensions. I suspect itís harder to break free from our savage side (by such means as meditation and prayer) than it is to overcome a heroine addiction. Thatís why so few humans become spiritual masters who have spent years of training and inner work to foster an unconditional love of all life and a strong connection to the Source. Itís because our savage side is so deeply ingrained in us.

The nearly indomitable nature of our savage side is also why The Seven and other ethereal beings canít simply sweep away the troubles of the world. It would be like giving 100 heroine addicts $20,000 each for rehabilitation. Maybe one or two of them would use the money to break free of their addiction, and the others would have a wild time. Many would probably overdose and destroy themselves.

I know that the ethereal beings want to help us humans achieve our paradise destiny (The Project describes how that destiny was forged millions of years ago), but before they can help, we have to get our house in order. And that will involve taming our savage side, which will help to eliminate wars, injustice, inequity, environmental destruction, and other world-class problems.

There are things we can do individually, and other things we can do as groups, as nations, and as a single planetary species, to get our house in order, and itís all described in The Project. Once we do that, love and wisdom of the ages will stream into our world from the finest realms of existence to light up our world in a most profound and beautiful way. Meanwhile, we each have to contend with our savage side in our own way, for better or worse.


* I co-founded INIT (the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) in 1995, when 15 researchers from eight countries met in Dartington, England, to commit to a moral-ethical approach to ITC research.