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Spirit Faces; Truth about the Afterlife is a visionary book about life after death based on Mark Macy’s fifteen years of research, with special emphasis on a growing collection of unique photographs in which he captures clear faces of nonphysical beings - - spirits. These photographs and other results of his research provide solid evidence, and verifiable proof, that life continues after death of the physical body.

Macy weaves his groundbreaking information into a clear picture of life on the other side. He explains in easily digestible terms how loved ones, ancestors, angels, and ghosts all play a part in the affairs of our world, and how we humans can attract the supportive and loving spiritual influences that we desire.

“One hundred years ago if someone had told you that someday people would be able to exchange pictures instantly with people halfway around the world, you’d probably have thought they were crazy. Today that’s not crazy. It’s mainstream. Today I’m saying that people will someday be able to exchange pictures instantly with people in other worlds, the worlds of spirit . . . and that someday is now.”

- - Mark Macy






Part One: A Glimpse at the Other Side 

Chapter 1: More to Life than Meets the Eye

Chapter 2: Where Are the Spirit Worlds?

Chapter 3: Pictures From the Other Side

Chapter 4: A Little Spooky at First

Chapter 5: About Those Pictures and the Luminator

Chapter 6: The Miracle of ITC Research


Part Two: A Deeper Look into the Worlds of Spirit

Chapter 7: The Worlds of Spirit

Chapter 8: The Journey Home

Chapter 9: A Tour of Paradise

Chapter 10: Journey to the Dark Spirit Worlds

Chapter 11: To the Edge of the Ethereal Realm

Chapter 12: Spiritual Insights Offer “Real World” Perspective


Part Three: Putting the Knowledge to Use

Chapter 13: Debbie and John

Chapter 14: Tianna and William

Chapter 15: Results at the Monroe Institute


Part Four: Reshaping Our Lives Through Spiritual Insight

Chapter 16: Knowing Our Human Heritage

Chapter 17: A Network of Global Visionaries

Chapter 18: Charting our Personal Destiny

Chapter 19: Charting our Global Destiny

Chapter 20: Knowing our Personal Mission for This Life and Beyond








(From Chapter 3: Pictures from the Other Side)

The spirit worlds are right here, all around us, all jumbled together in the same space. This becomes strikingly clear in images I get with a Polaroid camera in the presence of the luminator. The invisible inhabitants of those worlds can become visible under the right conditions. They simply move into our personal space and superimpose their bodies over ours, in a way that seems strange to us in our world, but which is probably quite “natural” in their world, where time and space are illusory, and where beings are drawn to other beings of like disposition by the Law of Resonance.

The faces in these special Polaroid photographs are always superimposed, in part or in whole, over the human face. Apparently our spirit friends draw upon certain bodily substances of us humans in order to show themselves on film. That, I believe, is why the spirit faces are always superimposed with, never separate from and posing beside, the human face.

Sometimes the human face and spirit face are blended together . . .

Sometimes the spirit face is looking off at a slight angle, offset from the human face . . .

I’ve received swarthy spirit faces superimposed over light-skinned people . . .

There have been male spirits superimposed over female subjects . . .

Sometimes two or more spirit faces appear and push the human face right out of the picture . . .

Sometimes the face in the picture seems divided in two - - human on the left, spirit on the right . . .

Sometimes the spirit face is in profile, with the nose of the spirit close to where the person’s ear should be . . .


(From Chapter Nine: A Tour of Paradise)

Our Guide points to a large building in the distance. He takes our hand, and in the next instant we are standing in front of that building. He says it was created by a team of specialists - - men and women who on Earth had been architects and who had carried their skill along with them after they’d died. They had been told that this would be a library - - a hall of records - - so they had created plans or blueprints for a building that would suit the purpose.

As a crowd gathers, our Guide explains that those same architects are now going to build an addition to the building, and these events always attract an interested crowd. We ask how exactly they will build the addition, as there are no building materials or trucks or bulldozers around. Our Guide laughs and says it doesn’t work that way here.

“Watch,” he says as the architects stand at various spots, looking at the side of the library where the addition is to be created. Suddenly a beam of rainbow light forms, shining down on them from some invisible source. At the same time, smaller light beams emanate from the heads and bodies of the architects and come together at the chosen site. The structure begins to materialize, and over a period of minutes it becomes more solid and intricate in design. Our Guide tells us that the large light beam comes from ethereal beings who inhabit worlds beyond form and structure, and is transduced and filtered by the individual minds here in front of us. “These are brilliant ethereal beings,” our Guide says, pointing up to the sky, “who provide virtually unlimited creative potential, which is then put to use by the minds of the architects.”

When the building is complete, we encounter a small group of strangers who instantly become friends of ours. They are going to a concert at a nearby hall and invite us to join them. Some of them are dressed in robes that are prevalent here in paradise, each with its own subtle hues and designs that seem perfectly suited for its owner. Since there are many of us, it’s easier and more enjoyable to walk to the concert hall than to travel by thought. We pass by magnificent gardens of flowers, some of which resemble earthly flowers and can be picked, others of which are far more intricate and colorful than anything on Earth, and our Guide warns us that those flowers must not be picked. They are living residents of paradise. The gardens have been planted and nurtured by spirit world gardeners, again with the creative support of ethereal beings . . .


(From Chapter Fourteen: Debbie and John)

Debbie Alberti sent me an email in the spring of 2004. Her husband John had died three weeks earlier, and she was devastated . . .

When I gave a seminar at the Association for Research and Enlightenment offices (Edgar Cayce center) in New York City in the summer of 2004, Debbie attended. I took a series of pictures of her. Some of them showed Debbie fairly clearly, but one picture had a reasonably clear picture of John superimposed. And if you take a close look at that image, you’ll see that there’s another face present as well. John’s face is the larger, more prominent face taking up the lower left half of that close-up, and the smaller face above and to the right resembles the face of Edgar Cayce. We all had hoped that Edgar Cayce would make his presence known during the workshop, and we were delighted.

The most natural reaction to that picture by a discerning human mind today is, “It’s most likely faked. That collage of three faces could easily be created with a program like Adobe Photoshop, and there’s no natural way for it simply to appear in a Polaroid picture.”

That conclusion is true: 1) Based on earthly knowledge, that picture is most likely faked, 2) it would be easy to create such a collage with modern computer techniques, and 3) there’s no way by earthly physics for such an image of three living beings to show up superimposed over each other in a photograph in that way.

The catch is this: Based on spirit-world physics, that picture is possible, and I know for certain that it’s a legitimate spirit picture. So do the six people in that New York City workshop who witnessed the untouched photo as it developed. It’s one of many spectacular spirit photos we received that day in a series of hour-long workshops at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center in New York.

I know from a decade of ITC research that such outstanding contacts are rarely random or spontaneous. They’re almost always the result of intensive spirit-world planning and choreography. Our spirit group has to come close to our world in vibration, locate us in time and space, and then make the contacts happen - - a very difficult feat, we are told. So among ITC researchers like me there is no end to the admiration, appreciation, and gratitude we feel toward our invisible colleagues who make miracles happen in our work.


(From Chapter Seventeen: A Network of Global Visionaries)

Children and young adults today face the greatest opportunity for world peace in the history of our world. Modern technologies, especially the internet and a world full of PCs, make it possible for people all around the globe to talk to each other on a daily basis. There has never been a better chance to bring humanity together.

At the same time, young people today face the greatest challenges ever. The modern world has not only developed unprecedented technologies, but is also moving into a period of moral decay reminiscent of ancient Shanidar, Babylon, and the other great civilizations on the eve of destruction. Drug abuse is rampant, sex is a recreational pastime for unprecedented numbers of young people, violent crimes are widespread, and the wealthy enjoy conspicuous consumption while women and children starve to death in less advantaged regions of the world.

In the coming years the world will need men and women who can rise above the decay to commit to love and stability in their lives, their relationships, and their world. These visionaries will not succumb to the temptations of this world, and they’ll reach out beyond political borders and religious ideologies to embrace each other in friendship, love, and goodwill.

Ethereal beings will see lights flickering in the darkness, and as goodwill spreads among the global visionaries, our world will begin to glow. Ethereal beings will come closer to our world, attracted to the lights, and these men and women of pure hearts will be chosen to forge a fruitful, endurable relationship between our world and the light, ethereal realms of existence. Communication channels to our world will open wide, as angels and departed loved ones call the visionaries on the phone, plant messages in their computers, show themselves on their TVs, and talk to them through their radios. Wisdom of the ages will stream into this world, raising us out of our present darkness . . .


Endorsements, reviews, and feedback

 “We are so intent on living that we forget about dying. And when we think of dying we think it is the end. But what if it isn’t? What if in some way our mind is not as mortal as our flesh? Nothing could be more important and more hopeful than this possibility. Now Mark Macy adds to the growing literature on the afterlife a major milestone: the demonstration that we can and do get information from the spirit world in the form of voices, images and text. In Spirit Faces he provides one of the most convincing demonstrations I have ever seen that our hopeful intuition of an afterlife is not just a hopeful intuition; it has a basis in fact. Recognizing that it does, can and will change our thinking, our behavior - - and our life.”

-- Ervin Laszlow, founder-director,

the General Evolution Research Group;

author of Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos:

The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality


Dear Mr. Mark Macy, you have written an excellent book and have drawn the attention of the world towards MAN’S true Life. While reading the book, I was thinking that you must read a book - but when I came to page 42, I was astonished to see that you have already read Laws of the Spirit World. Physical body is a vehicle, which GOD has bestowed upon us to make our spiritual journey faster towards GOD – mans true self! Those who have spent their lives doing acts of benevolence, charity, love & meditation, such souls go to higher realm of “HEAVEN,” which is divinely luminous, and living there is extremely joyous. But those who misuse this vehicle by doing crime, terrorism, violence etc. go in such a realm in the spirit world which is pitch dark, and staying there is extremely torturous, know as “HELL”. I think, time has come, to tell everyone that we humans are not just a bundle of flesh and bones, but we have come down to the earth – THE UNIVERSITY – to learn and progress in SPIRITUALITY. Only kindness and compassion takes a soul very close to GOD. With lots of blessings,

-- Swami Dattavadhut, Author

Mysticism in India


Spirit Faces is full of wisdom. It’s an important book. Mark Macy is for real.”

-- Gary Leon Hill, author

People  Who Don’t Know They’re Dead


“Much of the information contained here is based on very well documented communication across the veil that came independent of a physical medium. You have good reason to trust Mark and to allow at least some of what he says in this book to become a part of your worldview.”

-- Tom and Lisa Butler, directors,

The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon


Spirit Faces offers thrilling evidence that all life is eternal, and that spiritual evolution can be the most exciting journey of all.”

-- George E. Dalzell, LCSW and author,

Messages: Evidence for Life After Death


“In Spirit Faces, Mark describes a workable way of understanding the nature of the greater reality, and how one might learn to live in accordance with the observed principles governing its observation. An important point that you should note is that much of the information contained here is based on very well documented communication across the veil that came independent of a physical medium. Our research shows that the physical communicators were involved in these messages, but only peripherally, and that the actual utterances were brought to us via physical world technology. Channeled material is subject to what we call “coloring” by the channel. A good channel does not color the message very much, but it is probably humanly impossible to avoid injecting some part of the channel’s worldview no matter how deep the trance. In ITC, we feel that the information is as much as it was intended by the etheric communicators as is physically possible. Our point is that you have good reason to trust Mark and to allow at least some of what he says in this book to become a part of your worldview.”

-- Tom and Lisa Butler, AA-EVP directors and authors,

There is no death and there are no dying


Spirit Faces is an accurate, enjoyable, and memorable reading experience for those interested in the afterlife. Mark Macy is a fine writer.

-- Lee Prosser, Book Review Editor


“Mark Macy has produced a book which is destined to become a classic in the area of spirit communication. The evidence that he presents for life after death is clear, specific, and evidential. We are all on a journey to the next world. So many of us are unsure as to what we will find when we cross over. So many are afraid. So many have no belief, and some think only the ‘select few’ will go somewhere positive. Mark Macy’s book alleviates fear and doubt and opens the way to inner peace while living on Earth. This book can encourage all to live in harmony and to respect one another. In these times when there are so many wars and so much fear and terrorism, it is work like Mark Macy’s that can encourage all to put away weapons of war, to put away feelings of hostility and anger toward one another, and to replace them with respect, honesty, and peace. Knowing that life goes on after death may be the key factor in bringing humankind together.”

-- Dr. Marilyn Rossner, Ph.D., Ed.D., Special Education;

Behavior therapist, Yoga therapist,

World-renowned medium and intuitive;

Vice president, IIIHS

(International Institute for Integral Human Studies);

Founder and president,

Spiritualist Science Fellowship


"I hope (Mark Macy's) book will enlighten readers about higher consciousness and divine realms. May it also be instrumental in spreading peace, harmony, and benevolence in the world."

-- Swami Dattavadhut, Author

Mysticism in India


Dear Mark...I just finished your book, Spirit Faces.  It is the most revealing, by far, of the books I have read on this subject.  I have been a member of Yogananda's SRF temple since 1976 and have been following your work since 1992 with the Contact newsletters.  I am so pleased that this life-changing work is going to be mainstreamed. Your book is wonderful, Mark, and I pray that it will be the catalyst that will usher us into a new way of thinking and behaving.   Belief will no longer be necessary because we will know...and once we know...everything will change for the better. Thank you for writing this book, and every endeavor prior to it. I am looking forward to Timestream once again. Sincerely,

-- Mary M



Dear Mark, promised to write you after reading Spirit Faces… Although I always believed in an afterlife and multiple dimensions, I somehow saw most of the astral traveling accounts I read about as colored by the restricted views and belief system of the witness. Like when the traveler is convinced suicide or homosexuality is a mortal sin, he will see those spirits in unpleasant circumstances. Too self evident, I think. I read a great many books on every field in parapsychology over the years, but apart from being fascinated and wondering about consciousness it mostly stayed an intellectual exercise. ITC changes all that. The messages you are writing about are objective recordings. Things fall into place. It doesn't do much for my peace of mind, but at least I have to consider what it means for my own life, and take it very seriously. I thank you and the spirits for that…  The book is stunning in its implications, and we can only hope that it will contribute to a global change in how we see 'Life.’ Anyway, thank you very much for your honest and courageous books. I can only imagine how many debunking comments you must have endured and how discouraging that must have been sometimes. My best wishes to you, and may your work reach lots of people !

-- Loes M

The Netherlands


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