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While the worlds of spirit are far to numerous and complex to be fully understood by human minds, there are many ways to break it all down into models that our minds can more easily grasp. I think this model fits best with our five physical senses and our sense of duality (good vs bad, light vs dark, hot vs cold, etc).

The central source emits consciousness (light) that manifests as everything everywhere... and every world and universe remains distinct by the vibration of its light.

The Earth and physical universe are at the fringes of the omniverse, where light grows dim and vibrates slowly... so pockets of darkness form. So out here in the fringes, love and order from the source resides uneasily with fear and chaos stirred up in the dark pockets.

It's that mixture of light and darkness that we physical humans are most familiar with in our day-to-day lives. When we die and exit the physical body, our outermost spirit body holds onto the pattern of our physical body for awhile. If, while on Earth, we had resonated more with the light and order, our spirit body is a light, beaming astral body. If we had resonated more with the dark pockets of fear and chaos, our spirit body is darker and more dismal in appearance for awhile, as we refine our attitudes and raise our vibration.

It's the paradise existence in the astral planes where most of us awaken after we die. Through ITC systems we've been sent vivid descriptions and actual pictures of the paradise world, which is a perfect, loving version of the Earth.

The dismal realm is where some people get stuck, if during lifetime they'd become stuck in such dark feelings as fear and loathing.

We might spend many lifetimes moving among the physical, dismal, and astral realms as we pursue our lifetime mission (the goals that we and many other finer spirits have agreed that we'll try to get accomplished in this lifetime) and our soul purpose (to do our part to spread light from the source as far out into the omniverse as possible, through our thoughts, words, and actions).

In no time at all (literally), after many lifetimes, we'll move out of this illusory world of form altogether and enter the ethereal realms of pure love, wisdom, and bliss, as we move back home toward the source with a rich collection of adventures and experiences.

(For another look at this scheme from the perspective of our spirit bodies, click here.)