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Science and Spirit

Government and Spirit

The Vitality Ratio

My Other-Worldly Adventure

Afterthoughts on the Afterlife, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The One-Good-Whack Approach to Life

Once Upon a Time Long, Lo-o-ong Ago

Meditation: Ticket to Paradise

On Being Human

Mysteries of Eden

Our Paradise Destiny

Prayer -- Another Ticket

Public Health Insurance in America: A Must!

Angels and Demons, Spirit Guides and Spooks

Movies About Zombies and Vampires

Healthcare Debate: Sources and Stooges

Most Important Book

Closing Arguments on Healthcare

New Economics and Paradise

Cleaning Up the World, Starting with Piracy and Bad Economics

Facebook Hacking and Other Acts of Restrained Terrorism

Bad Counsel and a Short Leash

Carl Knows Now

Entertainment Mogul Gets Stuck

Exoplanets and the Prospect We're Not Alone!

Abortion Rights Lose Steam

Solving Israel's Problems

The End Time

Earth and Humanity in the Grand Plan

Science and Religion; Common Ground At Last!

A Time of Miracles

My 3 Greatest Honors: INIT, Swiss Prize, and a PhD

More Miracles: A 19th Century Scientist Makes Contact