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The “One Good Whack” Approach to Life (and ITC and Politics…)


 Mark Macy


When people feel threatened by another person's skills or successes, sometimes they attack the other guy. Instead of striving to do the best they themselves can do, it's easier just to give the other guy "one good whack" to bring him down to their level or to give themselves an edge - - a term tracing back to the notorious 1994 Olympics, when American ice skater Tonya Harding's ex-husband and a couple of his buddies whacked Harding's opponent Nancy Kerrigan smartly on the knees to put her out of the competition.

 The incident blemished Tonya Harding's reputation, but it's nothing new. The one-good-whack attitude has blemished all areas of human affairs down through the ages. It's not just among individuals, and it's not always a physical attack. It can also involve gossip, propaganda, lies, character assassination, and racial stereotypes that lead to all manner of conflicts, from schoolyard fights to world wars.

 At work or at school, where we have to be with the same people day after day, from all walks of life, we become aware of certain people who dis (disparage, discredit…) other people behind their back. Gossipers, rumor-mongers, antagonists who stir up insecurities and suspicion within a group…most of us know people like that.

 As I explain in my new book, "The Project," we humans have not only a noble side to our personality, but also a savage side tracing back millions of years to a time when our ancestors had to be tough and mean enough to survive in a hostile environment where life killed life to survive. (There's ample evidence that humans had to contend with dinosaurs eons earlier than modern science would believe possible!)

 Although the Earth has calmed significantly since those turbulent times long, long ago, we still harbor many of the savage qualities that helped us survive back then, and that make living together in groups difficult today. The one-good-whack approach to life is a good example of that.

 It shows up frequently in highly competitive situations like politics. Terms like "swift boat" and "flip-flop" have destroyed the character of politicians when put to use masterfully by their opponents. It even shows up in spiritual research, on dark websites like That website's researcher discredits the work of other ITC researchers, rather than to show any successes or skills of his own.

 The drama stirred up by the one-good-whack approach is also the basis for countless popular films...and even some very moving short this shampoo commercial from Thailand.

 Such is life on Earth. The savage side, which drags down the human spirit, is still strong, keeping us humans in the dark much of the time.

 As they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But even more important, it's vital to stay anchored in love, trust, and good will as much as possible in this troubled world, in order to keep us honed in on our paradise destiny. I'm referring not only to the paradise that awaits those of light spirit after they die, but also to the paradise on Earth that is 1) the purpose of The Project as described to us by ethereal beings through ITC systems, and 2) the subject of my new book.

 God bless!