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Mark Macy



I’m going to use this article to talk a bit about myself and my views… so please indulge me a moment.  :-)))   Some may call it a dose of megalomania, others, having a sense of one’s purpose… but for whatever reason, ever since I was little, and spent hours writing long into the night, I’ve wanted to write the most important book ever written… and I believe that’s what I’ve done with my current book—The Project. I believe it is the most important book written in this Second Epoch.

Granted, I’ve felt pretty good about my other books, too, but this one gathers up everything I’ve learned in this lifetime about worldly things and other-worldly things, and paints a clear picture of the human heritage and the human destiny.

That destiny is to find paradise—referring not just to our personal ticket to paradise at the end of our difficult lives on Earth, but also our destiny as a species to convert this rugged ecosystem to a paradise similar to Eden, the paradise of our ancient heritage.

The book explains in clear terms what’s involved in achieving our paradise birthright at both levels, based on my own 20+ years of research, working with some of the greatest minds in this world and beyond. What I’ve learned from them is miraculous.

We live in the most crucial time of this Epoch, so I’ll close this short blog with a personal message to the guy I consider the most important human being on Earth at the moment:

Mr Obama, don’t let the fear-driven freedom fanatics pressure you into waffling on the most important issue for our country.


We desperately need to balance our grand gift of freedom with the other grand gift of humankind, which has been lacking in our country since the Cold War: EQUALITY. A public healthcare option would give us that needed equality at this crucial time, moreso than any other conceivable policy you could enact.

So far, in my view, you’re doing everything right—EVERYTHING… hm, except maybe our military presence in the Middle East. I really think it’s possible to heal that situation with love, good will, and your strong commitment to alternative energies. (It might be difficult for awhile, but our vibrant society can adapt to a life without their oil. After all, we’re Americans—the innovators! We invented the 12-step program for individuals addicted to alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, and other dopamine disorders, and with your steady hand we could adapt it to our nation’s addiction to oil.)

I’d love to see you get us out of the Middle East militarily… but the more pressing concern at the moment is a public healthcare option here at home.

Do it now, my friend! Don’t let anyone stand in the way, especially if their stand is based on fear or greed—the great human disablers!