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New Economics and Paradise!


Mark Macy



Wasn’t sure if I’d see it in my lifetime or not—the inevitable demise of growth economics, which is the celebration of endless growth and profit… a false, widely-held measure of a nation’s general soundness that has led us into the current worldwide economic slump and all of its mini-slumps, such as the callous and defunct US healthcare system.

Lately, though, even presidents of great nations are starting to talk about scrapping the econogospel of growth to come up with a more sustainable measure of a nation’s stability… such as a balance between its economic and political stability on one hand, and the general well-being of its citizens on the other.

Hundreds of bright minds around the world today are talking about ways to rebuild economics… and I believe that every one of them is moving on a course that will eventually lead to the Vitality Ratio, something I’ve been building up, boiling down, and building back up since the late 1970s.

Today I believe the Vitality Ratio is ready to fly, thanks to the Internet and computer technologies, and when it does take wing… humanity will set off on its greatest adventure ever… toward its paradise destiny. Paradise on Earth is the culmination of The Project! And the Vitality Ratio (I believe) will play a key role in that.

Whether you and I will see paradise unfold on Earth in our lifetimes is unlikely… I’d say, next to impossible. The Vitality Ratio is way ahead of its time. It’ll spark a complete transformation of political and economic systems, and so I doubt it’ll be embraced anytime soon… considering how people resist change….

But that’s okay. I mean, for me it’s okay. I’m happy spending the rest of my life using this blog (and in any books that might be left in me) to planting seeds for our great-grandkids.

And when you and I come to the end of these transient and troubled lives of ours here on Earth, let’s get together over a cup of tea in the paradise that is in our personal destiny—the light, subtle realm that has gone by so many names down through the ages: Astral World, Eden, Marduk, Heaven, Jannah, the Summerland….   Put it in your calendar… :-)))))