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A Time of Miracles

 © 2009 Mark Macy


These holidays are a great opportunity not only to revel in the miracles of the season, but to reflect on a series of world-changing miracles experienced a few years ago, including a phone call from a celebrated musician... 75 years after his death.

The 1990s brought a flurry of phone calls from the worlds of spirit—specifically, from the paradise world where most of us will awaken after we die. Its inhabitants call the place Eden, or Marduk. Here on Earth, it’s called Heaven by Christians and Jews, Jannah by Muslims, and Pitraloka (ancestral world) by Hindus. We all have memories of Eden, but most of them are buried like forgotten dreams in our subconscious minds. People in Eden, likewise, harbor vague, often hidden memories of their lives on Earth.

There are people on both sides of the veil today who have chosen to keep the dream alive by building communication bridges between Earth and Eden. Here on Earth, some people do it by praying, others by meditating, and others by psychic channeling, or mediumship. My own favorite techniques are prayer, meditation, and what we call ITC, or instrumental transcommunication—the use of modern technologies and electromagnetic energies to bring information directly into our world from finer spiritual minds, in the form of voices, images, and text. For example, in ITC spirits call us on the phone or plant files on our computer hard drives.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, it is! Sad thing is, while ITC contacts happened quite a lot in the 1990s, they hardly happen at all today. What I want to share in this blog entry and some future ones is a taste of the miracles that some of my colleagues and I experienced in the 90s. (I’ve written elsewhere in many places, especially my book “Miracles in the Storm,” about why the contacts broke down, so I won’t dwell on that here.)

My Spirit Phone Calls

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist and professor at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, became one of the best-known pioneers in technical spirit communication before his death in 1974. So it’s not surprising that he would resume the work after his death, becoming a most prolilfic communicator from the other side, as advancing earthside technologies allowed a rapid evolution from tiny voices on tape recorders to actual phone conversations and in-depth computer contacts (detailed pictures of Eden and letters several pages long describing that world and its inhabitants). Konstantin began to contact several of my colleagues and myself in the 1990s, mostly by phone. I was lucky enough to receive the first phone call among my colleagues here in the states, but I wasn’t set up to record that call. It came as a surprise, to say the least! Basically he told me (on January 7, 1994):

This is Konstantin Raudive. We have succeeded in establishing a bridge to the States. You are the first to be contacted by this means. This is the first contact you get from us. This is Konstantin Raudive.

There was no opportunity for me to reply. I was stunned speechless anyway.

George Meek’s Spirit Phone Call

A week later, my good friend and ITC mentor George Meek in North Carolina received the second USA phone call from Konstantin Raudive and his spirit team. Technically it was George’s secretary Sandy who got the second phone call early one morning while George was at the local post office… and she told Konstantin he’d be back shortly. So when George got home and received his call from Timestream later that morning (the “third” USA phone call), he was ready with a tape recorder. You can follow the transcript below while you…

…listen to the phone conversation between George Meek and spirit colleague Konstantin Raudive:


Earthside: Good morning, this is George Meek.

Spiritside: This is Konstantin Raudive. George, my friend, at last we succeeded in contacting you. Jeannette is beside me, and she wants to give you all her love. This is Konstantin Raudive. This is the first contact you get from us. I suppose that you can hear me.

Earthside: I can hear you very well. Very plainly.

Spiritside: Fine, so this is the beginning of a new story, a new chapter, George. You are a very good friend of ours, even if we haven’t met. We will continue this. This is the first bridge we succeeded to build to the States. Mark was contacted, and I must interrupt now.

Earthside: Uh, thank you, dear friend. You may not be able to hear me, but I want to take this occasion to say . . .

beep – beep – beep (broken connection, end of contact)

George and I were both excited by the landmark development of an ITC bridge to the States. George especially had high hopes that now he’d begin to receive ITC contacts on a regular basis, including phone calls from his late wife Jeannette, who’d died in the spring of 1991.

That was not to be, however. The spirit group told us we’d first have to establish a stronger psychic or mediumistic bridge. We were learning that ITC contacts are based upon psychospiritual forces or energies. George and I had a mutual friend named Jean Peterson, a gifted psychic here in Colorado who was channeling messages from our spirit group. Also, George’s housekeeper Loree was psychically gifted. So hopefully the contact field would begin to germinate from there.


One February morning, Konstantin called George Meek to tell him that ITC contacts would be postponed until a good mediumistic bridge had been established. George wasn’t set up to record the call, so he didn’t fully understand the message. He thought they were saying an ITC bridge would soon open up for him. The spirit group called me the following week to clear things up. To make sure the message got recorded, they left it on my telephone answering device while I was out of the house.

Listen to that message left on my telephone answering device:

This is Konstantin Raudive speaking. We just tried to contact George Meek. We succeeded, but he didn’t get what we wanted to tol— tell him. We were talking to him that we tried to make mediumistic contact through Jean Peterson, and he wanted to register by other means, electric means. Eh, there will be no telephone contacts, rather, to your ITC group, Colleague Mark, until you will have strengthened the bridge—the mediumistic bridge to our Timestream group. This is Konstantin Raudive speaking.

I think that life on Earth is somewhat notorious throughout the larger cosmos for bad communication. When messages are processed through the five senses and the physical mind of the brain, all sorts of distortions take place, resulting in a strange, often comical enmeshment of truth, belief, and misconception.

Sarah Estep’s Spirit Phone Call

Well, as the bridge to the States started to develop, our spirit friends’ sense of humor began to show itself. Sarah Estep was the president and founder of AAEVP (American Association – Electronic Voice Phenomena), and when Konstantin Raudive called her within days of calling George and me, she said in her characteristically joyful, friendly voice, “Dr Raudive, how are you?!”

Listen to Konstantin’s wry reply:

Spiritside: I’m as fine as a “dead one” can be. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for everything you did for the propagation of the voices. We tried and succeeded in building this bridge to the States. You are one of the first who are contacted by this means. Thank you very much for all the work you did. We are very proud and honored that we could contact you. I must interrupt now. This was the first contact. This is Konstantin Raudive speaking.

Earthside: Thank you so much!

A Most Miraculous Contact in Europe

Well, the most spectacular contacts by far were already underway in Europe. Shortly after Jeannette Meek died, a Luxembourg colleague of mine named Maggy received a series of communications from spirit group Timestream telling how Jeannette was getting settled into her new paradise existence. On one occasion they told Maggy that Jeannette had befriended the famous Ragtime composer, Scott Joplin.

(include picture of scott)

Still, it was a real surprise when Scott phoned Maggy on August 11, 1992. Maggy had friends visiting in her Luxembourg lab that day, fascinated by the radio equipment under development and asking lots of questions. One of those friends was Hilde Schwickerath of Saarbruecken, Germany, whose husband Otto had died twelve years earlier.

The contact

When the phone rings, Maggy answers. There’s a strange voice on the other end of the line having some trouble trying to say, “Hello.” It’s some moments before Maggy realizes the caller is Scott Joplin. Throughout much of the dialog, two dogs bark in the background. They’re on the spirit side, not the Earth side. (Terry is a Scottish Terrier companion of Jeannette Meek; Kucki is a deceased pet of the Schwickeraths.)

Otto Schwickerath is with Scott, but it isn’t until near the end of the conversation that Maggy and her guests realize it. Otto has asked Scott to convey some details of a silly accident that the Schwickerath couple had experienced years earlier at St Johanna Markt, a popular night culture neighborhood in Saarbrueken, Germany, more than a decade earlier. It involves a bump on the head. While the memory is vivid in Otto’s mind, Hilde doesn’t recall the incident until a couple days later, after she’s returned home.

With all the miscommunications between the 19th Century, smoothly colloquial Black musician trying to convey German slang from Otto to the modern European ladies, this is one of the most amazing, evidential, and insightful (not to mention funny) ITC contacts you’re ever liable to hear.

(Also, Scott has been away from the Earth for 75 years, so it takes him several tries just to say, “Hello.”)

Listen as you follow the dialog below…


Maggy Harsch: Hallo?

Scott Joplin: H'law.

Maggy: Hallo?

Scott:   H'lwha.

Maggy: Hallo?

Scott:   (The words run together.) Hello-I'm-Scott-Joplin.

Maggy: (In German, asks for identity.)

Scott:   (Now becoming refamiliarized with his old Earth voice) Scott Joplin. Joplin, Scott. Can you hear me?

Maggy: Chaplain, yes, I can hear you.

Scott:   Okay, I got here with me . . .

Maggy: (Remembering an earlier contact in which Scott Joplin was mentioned as a friend of Jeannette Meek) Ah, Mr. Joplin!

Scott:   Yeah, I got here with me an Otto Schwickerath or something like that. He says something about St Johanna Markt. St Johanna Markt in Saarbrucken. St Johanna Markt in Saarbrucken, and a bause on his head. You got me?

Maggy: No, I don't got you. How do you call her?

Scott:   She . . . Her . . . Schickerath! Otto Schwickerath . . .

Maggy: Schwickerath, yes, yes, she is here. (Maggy turns the phone over to Hilde, still not realizing that Otto Schwickerath is with Scott Joplin.)

Scott:   . . . the name.

Hilde Schwickerath: I'm here. I hear you.

Scott:   Yeah, okay. He tells me something about St Johanna Markt, or something like that.

Hilde:   Sanc Johann?

Scott:   Johanna Markt of Saarbrucken.

Hilde:   Yes, yes, you can find in Saarbrucken, St Johanna Markt!

Scott:   Yeah, okay, he tells me about a bause, but I don't know what it is, "bause."


(A bause is a bump on the head in a dialect of Southern Germany.)


Hilde:   Bowser? It's a name? Bowser?

Scott:   Not Bowser. He spells it b-a-u-s-e. Bause. Oh, really….

Hilde:   Ah, bause.

Scott:   A boil on his head. That's a boil on his head.


(Beule is a more general German term for a bump, pronounced "boil-uh," and there's indication that Scott at first might have it confused with a boil, an infected, swollen area of the body, then a bit later begins to pronounce it correctly.)


Hilde:   Mm-hm.

Scott:   Got me?

Hilde:   I don't know.


(Mr Joplin sighs in obvious frustration.)

(A small dog barks in the background.)


Scott:   Oh, well then…

Hilde:   I can't understand. What is "bause?"

Scott:   A beule on his head. A beule. Uh…

Hilde:   What means it? What means it? Hello?

Scott:   Hello?

Hilde:   What's your name?

Scott:   (a bit flabbergasted now) Scott Joplin!

Hilde:   Chapel? (Then from the background, Maggy tells her it's Scott Joplin, a name Mrs Schwickerath is not familiar with.) Ah, Joplin. Eh, do I know you?

Scott:   Why, you don't know me.

Hilde:   No? Never?

Scott:   I don't think so, Lady.


(Hilde and Maggy converse in German, and Maggy mentions the fact that Scott and Hilde are both friends of Jeannette Meek.)


Hilde:   Ah, Jeannette Meek is your friend?

Scott:   Yes, yes, my pal-friend. Yeah. My pal-friend.

Hilde:   Ah, my husband, his name is Otto Scwhickerath. Do you know him?

Scott:   Yes, certainly!

Hilde:   (expresses excitement in German)

Scott:   That guy's standing here.

Hilde:   (with deep emotion) Ah! Otto is here? Oh, greetings. A lot of greetings!

Scott:   A bause, he's saying it's called a beule.

Hilde:   Bause… (obviously still confused) Uh, Maggy is hearing now. Moment.

Maggy: Hello, here is Maggy again.

Scott:   (in distress now) Ah, see there, it's all rather stupid, I think. A bause, a beule, he said. A beule on the head.

Maggy: A beule on the head?

Scott:   Yeah, a beule.

Maggy: A beule on the head, what do you mean by that?

Scott:   Your grandfather says, "A knup."


(A knup or knubbel is a knock on the head, or a very hard lump.)


Maggy: A knup?

Scott:   A knup.

Maggy: Yes. And what is a . . .

Scott:   That’s all… I must go….


(Scott is getting frustrated, which means that the contact will end soon unless things can be resolved. Maggy says in a soothing voice:)


Maggy: It's okay, there's somebody here who can understand.

Scott:   Okay, fine.

Maggy: (trying to sound cheerful and enthusiastic) Fine! Thank you, Mr. Joplin. It's very nice to speak….

Scott:   (regaining his composure) It's nice to talk to you.

Maggy: Yes, it's nice to talk to you! Uh, Mr. Joplin, can you tell us anything of Jeannette Meek?


(A spirit dog comes close to Scott Joplin now. Its yapping is audible.)


Scott:   A terrier here. Here's the dog. That's the dog.

Maggy: Hello? I hear the dog! What dog is it?

Scott:   Terry.


(More than one clairvoyant colleague has reported seeing a small, squarish, Scotty-like dog moving around at the feet of Jeannette Meek since her transition to spirit. Jeannette has told mediums that the dog's name is "Terry.")


Maggy: Terry? Terry…

Scott:   He's together with Kucki.


(The deceased dog Kucki had belonged to Hilde Schwickerath, who now hears the dogs and gets back on the phone. Maggy tells Hilde the two dogs are Kucki and Terry, but in the excitement Hilde is thinking of her other late dog, Berta… then quickly corrects herself.)


Hilde:   Ah, hello, is this Berta or is this Kucki? Kucki and Terry, yeah?

Scott:   (exasperated) I already told Maggy it's Kucki. I told her. It’s Kucki.

Hilde:   Ah, he is nice, huh?

Scott:   Can’t you talk to her?

Hilde:   Hello, Kucki!...


(Hilde continues in German, unaware that the connection has broken down.)