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A 19th Century Scientist Makes Contact

 © 2009 Mark Macy


When I first visited noted ITC researchers M&J Harsch-Fischbach in the summer of 1992, they had a small communications lab on Marie Curie Street in Luxembourg. My colleague Hans Heckmann and I were invited into the lab, where an old IBM computer with DOS operating system was displaying a text message on its green CRT screen:

“This is Henri Sainte Claire de Ville, member of the Scientific Group. We were unable to link Timestream and Centrale in joint efforts for a successful cross-contact last weekend. It’s a vibrational problem that will require a minor adjustment to your device. We warmly greet Mark Macy and Hans Heckmann. Please tell George Meek that I am no longer with Project Lifeline, but work with Marie Curie, who is in charge of the Scientific Group of Timestream.”

 There’s an interesting story here, and we should start at the beginning.

 Henri Ste Claire de Ville was an acclaimed chemist who made aluminum useful in industry, among other accomplishments. He was born in the French West Indies in the Caribbean in 1818, was educated in Paris, and died in France in 1881.

 In the 1980s, a century after his death, he was a member of the Lifeline spirit group that was in contact with George Meek of Franklin, North Carolina, through a team of psychic channels. At the same time, the Harsch-Fischbach couple of Luxembourg were in contact with another spirit group called “Timestream” through ITC systems. Both spirit groups included late scientists, government leaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Lifeline scientists included Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Henri Sainte Claire de Ville. When Meek and the Luxembourg couple became friends in the mid-1980s, their spirit groups came together to conduct some common projects, which they referred to as “cross-contacts.”

 The first cross-contact came through radio sounds in the summer of 1986, in the living room of the Harsch-Fischbachs. On this occasion, Timestream opened a sort of conference call with the Luxembourg couple on Earth and Lifeline in spirit, choosing Henri Ste Claire de Ville as spokesperson for the contact.

 The contact begins with beeps and whistles from equipment on the other side—at Timestream sending station. Then the contact is introduced by the voice of “Technician,” the ethereal being who, as part of The Seven, facilitates ITC communications between Earth and the astral world “Marduk,” or “Eden,”. Technician introduces this contact (as he introduced most of the radio and TV contacts with the Luxembourg couple in the 1980s).


 Listen to the radio contact and follow along below:

 Technician: Test. Project Lifeline… speaking in Timestream.

 (The mechanical sounds fade away, replaced by the voice of the 19th Century scientist.)

 De Ville: My name is Henri Sainte Claire de Ville. I left your world in 1881, and I am speaking to you in my name and in the name of our staff of Lifeline—The Scientists. Your projects, as well as from Lifeline and from Timestream, is to set fire to minds, to set fire to minds in your world, and in that moment to try to master time. I can give you a few explanations… (not understood)… you will know it as consciousness. There in the never-ever, all time is one and timeless. Dear colleagues, the information I wanted to bring forth…

 (As the contact breaks down, mechanical sounds resume)

 Technician: The contact to Lifeline has broken down.


The following year, Timestream arranged to show Prof. de Ville on the TV screen of the Luxembourg couple, turning his head from left to right.


Watch the footage of a 19th Century scientist “live” from the worlds of spirit.

 And finally, bringing the story full circle, by the time I traveled to Europe in the early 90s, Henri Ste Claire de Ville was apparently more excited by the possibilities of ITC than of channeling… and he’d left Lifeline to join Timestream.

By then, Centrale was yet another spirit group making ITC contacts with researcher Adolf Homes in Germany. In 1992, Timestream and Centrale were trying to coordinate their efforts to send related information to both sites on Earth (Luxembourg and Germany). They had decided that cross-contacts of that kind would not just foster collaboration among a large circle of ITC enthusiasts on both sides of the veil, but they would also prove the legitimacy of these other-worldly communications. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of skeptics who reject the possibility of spirit communication through technology… and our fantastic spirit friends were doing everything they could to quell the skepticism.

 I leave it to you, dear reader, to come to terms with your boggle point… to determine whether you think the contacts shared in this article are possible. Pesonally? I know they’re possible, and I’d easily stake my life on their legitimacy. After all, I had the privilege to get to know everyone involved in those contacts.