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    (Author's note: Below is my more formal bio, but if you really want to get to know me, read about my early experiences in ITC!)

During the height of the Cold War, Mark Macy was collaborating on a book project with leading thinkers from various countries who were concerned about the survival of humankind, but the project was cut short in 1988 when he was diagnosed with cancer and nearly died. Suddenly, with a stake in the issue of personal survival, Macy became consumed by the question of what really happens to us after we die, and he needed proof.

 A turn of events led him into a miraculous new field of research called ITC, or Instrumental Transcommunication, the use of technology to get in touch with the finer realms of spirit. In 1992 he befriended researchers in Europe who were in contact with deceased colleagues and Ethereal beings (angels) via computers, radios, and other devices. Macy himself began to get phone calls from the other side in 1994. Deeply moved, he immersed himself in ITC. He established an international research panel, published two journals, wrote three books, and won the prestigious Swiss Prize for Epipsychology in 2001. The world-changing information that Macy and his colleagues received gave them a clearer understanding than ever before possible of the true human heritage.

 His latest book—The Project; the past, present and future of humanity—pulls together wisdom from bright minds on both sides of the veil to tell a riveting and mind-boggling story of our ancient heritage, our paradise destiny, and the troubles we have to overcome to get there…as individuals, as societies, and as a single planetary species.

Mark founded the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT) in England in 1995, along with a dozen other researchers from eight countries. Their intent was to open a contact bridge between Heaven and Earth, or more precisely, between our world and the finer worlds of spirit, using technology as the medium. In the course of five years the group received dozens of phone calls and TV images from the other side. They enjoyed long dialogs with spirits and angels through radio devices and had files planted quietly on the hard disks of their computers. Some of those files contained images, others contained text - - actual pictures and letters depicting life in the spirit worlds in extraordinary detail. Macy himself received one particular phone call (2MB excerpt attached) from a departed colleague named Konstantin Raudive that lasted nearly fifteen minutes. It’s all part of a young field of research called ITC, or instrumental transcommunication.

For the past five years Macy has focused most of his attention on a small subset of ITC in which he receives clear spirit faces on Polaroid film with the help of a subtle energy device called a “luminator.” He has also kept busy spreading the word about ITC through books, interviews, Powerpoint presentations, TV specials, documentaries, and a massive ITC website,, mastered by his good friend and ITC colleague Rolf Ehrhardt of Ratingen, Germany.

Macy was an agnostic or atheist as far back as he can remember - - a writer with a background in journalism and electronics. Thoughts of God and afterlife always seemed like wishful thinking to him. That changed in 1988 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. With death staring him in the face, suddenly he had to know - - - what really happens to us after we die? He couldn’t take it on faith alone. Not that there’s anything wrong with faith, but Macy had always needed proof or solid evidence to convince him of something that was beyond his understanding. And afterlife was certainly beyond his understanding.

At a conference in 1991 he was introduced to ITC research, and at first he could scarcely believe researchers in Europe who claimed to be in touch with spirits through technical devices. So after the conference ended he hopped on a transatlantic flight to visit with those researchers, and what he found changed his life forever. He’s been fully immersed in ITC research ever since.

Today he lives in Colorado with his wife Regina. The empty-nesters (their son entered college in 2005) fill their time with spiritual pursuits, including Mark's ITC research and Regina's energy healing.