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Discussing ITC and the afterlife


The afterlife in general, and spirit communication through technology in particular, are among my favorite subjects of discussion in recent years, and they could be the most important topics for the world at this time in history. If we can sustain ITC bridges with the finer realms in the coming years, there's no limit to the world-changing knowledge and wisdom that could stream into our world!

If you have any thoughts on the afterlife and ITC (technical, non-technical, spiritual, religious, or . . . ) that you'd like to share through this website, please email me.


Nocturnal Journeys, and what's with the TV?


From: CF
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 8:33 AM
Subject: Chats on the website

 Mr Macy:

I have wanted to comment on your CD - Bridge to Paradise for a long time. It has been several years back that you lectured at the Blue Moon Bookstore about your Interpersonal Transcommunication project. I bought the CD and on most nights (about 3 or 4 am) wake up and go through the guided meditation in bed. One of the notable experiences has been everytime I go to the other side I see new and wonderful images of paradise. Once I was at a conference in a hotel room, when in the early morning listening  to the guided meditation, the television turned on by itself! The picture was snowy and I was startled!!! I didn't have the presence of mind to listen to any messages or communication, but tried to wake my husband, who immediately dismissed it and said that I got up to turn it on!!! When I take my daily walks, I feel someone walking with me, and instinctively turn around -thinking someone must be coming up behind me, but no one is really there. But I know I feel someone near me. Recently I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow walk across the foot of the bed. I had a feeling it was a 'he' and he was watching me and when I woke up, crossed the room and disappeared. I didn't feel fear. We have two West Highland Terriers that sleep at the foot of the bed, and they weren't disturbed at all with this nightime visitor.

 Well, I will continue to use your CD for improving my own life. I have learned to live in the moment easier, and enjoy what is around me more clearly. I also meditate through silence and Stephen Halpern's music. Somehow I DO feel I am making a difference in the world by just creating thoughts of 'hope' for my family and the world.

Thank you and I just ordered "The Project" through  a bookstore. I will continue to support your efforts to open the world to a wonderful place!!!



 By the way, I live in Aurora, Colorado. Let me know when you will be appearing again in Colorado


Hi CF,

Thanks for the feedback on the CD and for reporting your experiences. I hope you have a great week! And I hope you really enjoy "The Project."




 "Creating" a Spirit in Toronto


From: DM
Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 12:34 AM
Subject: Chats on the website

I was wondering if you ever heard of this experiment in Toronto where they made up a spirit and actually started to have contact from him, even in front of an audience(
and what your thoughts on this would be.



On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Mark Macy <> wrote:

Hi DM,

Yes, I’ve heard of that experiment.

There are LOTS of spirits ‘over there’ drawn to earthly dramas for all sorts of reasons.

Many spirits inhabiting dense worlds as ‘ghosts,’ ‘apparitions,’ ‘troubled souls,’ etc. are real confused much of the time - - torn as they are between two worlds (their former material world home and the paradise world where they would under ‘normal’ conditions awaken after they die).

Some of these confused spirits are drawn into spirit-conjuring rituals.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one (or more) such spirits began to identify with this made-up Phillip personality. I’m not saying that’s what actually happened. But if it IS what happened, I certainly would not be surprised.

And I can think of no other possible scenario (based on my years of research) that makes more sense in explaining the situation in what I consider to be reasonable terms.

Thanks for this interesting dialog!



From: DM
Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 12:28 PM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: Re: Chats on the website

 Thanks for the response, Mark.  I think you are right about the confused spirits.  I myself have recorded spirits asking for help, so I can only conclude that they don't know where they are.  However, the other thought I had was concerning something that I have heard over and over again about creating our own reality.  I wonder if it possible that we can actually create these beings in an alternate universe, thereby bringing them into existence.  And if so, then what else have we brought into existence? Spirits? Ourselves?  Is everything a creation of our imagination?


On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 11:36 AM, Mark Macy <> wrote:

Hi DM, I wouldn’t discount that as a possibility, but the other scenario makes more sense to me. (A confused spirit comes to believe he’s probably that “Phillip” the guys are wanting to ‘create’ and communicate with.)

Someday maybe we’ll know what’s really going on over there!  Probably after we move there. :-))))

All the best, Mark


LoL.  I hope we discover som

ething before we have to go to the other side.  Hopefully, we will find a better way to communicate with the spirits soon.  BTW, I, of course, have no objection to putting these posts up on your website.  Maybe others will find them interesting as well.
Thanks Mark,


Punish the Pope? I dont' think so...

-----Original Message-----
From: GG (Australia)
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 10:59 PM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: "The Project"

Hi Mark, I have read and enjoyed your new book, The Project. However there is one passage at the beginning of part three, Page 105, referring to Pope Pius 1X, which disturbs me. If your contacts are truly ethereal, they have no need to eat, drink nor eliminate. If they exist in a completely ethereal world, presumably their animals would also have to be ethereal. There would therefore be no stables to clean out! Furthermore, to punish a human soul with any sort of menial task for 161 years for a simple statement based on the  ignorant, but prevailing  beliefs of the time, seems to me to be outrageous. Perhaps you can enlighten me on this passage in the book.  By the way, I have absolutely no interest in Papal based religion.    

Regards from GG,  Downunder.



Hi GG! I equate the word “ethereal” to the worlds of pure consciousness (beyond structure) and the formless beings inhabiting those worlds. Those are the beings who our spirit friends tell us are as brilliant and quick as supercomputers.

When people on Earth die, they carry along to the astral worlds lots of patterns of thinking that keep them in earth-like worlds doing earth-like things. Deceased humans and other astral beings aren’t nearly as smart or advanced or knowledgeable as ethereal beings. They partake in eating, swimming, sex, and other activities they had enjoyed on Earth.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about the careful wording in that ITC contact regarding Pope Pius IX, as well as other messages from the ethereal beings, and I feel pretty sure that he’s not really being punished by anyone. I suspect that he was a real decent fellow (probably HAD to be to be the Pope), and when he got settled into the spirit worlds and saw the pain that his decree had caused to so many animals, he felt that cleaning stables and being kind to spirit-world animals would provide some kind of penance and alleviation of shame that he still felt. That’s the only scenario that really makes sense to me.

As for the long duration (161 years), time ‘flies by’ in the worlds of spirit. What can seem like a long time on Earth can seem like no time at all (literally) to someone in spirit.

Many animals (especially pets and peaceful species) also awaken in the paradise worlds after they die. Grazing animals continue to graze in spirit. Birds and butterflies fly. Cats drink milk from bowls….

I’ve never been sure if people and animals continue to have bodily wastes, or if the foods they eat (which are really delicious forms of subtle energies that directly revitalize their bodies) are completely absorbed by the body. That message—that the Pope is cleaning stables—is the first evidence I’ve had that maybe spirit people and spirit animals do eliminate waste. In any case, I’m sure that cleaning stables is a much less offensive job over there than what it is in this world. :-))))

All the best,




Why Contacts Break Down


-----Original Message-----
From: PH (Romania)
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 2:10 AM
Subject: making a bridge nowadays

Dear Mr. Macy,

I would like to ask questions about when you and your group of people had tried to establish contact, but after a while it had failed. How did that happen? What was the cause of the failure? What are the main factors, you think, which are important to make a bridge, and to what should we pay careful attention? I believe it would be useful for us if you help us out as beginners with some tips and relate some of your experiences. I know that these could be found written down on your site, but not easy to find at all.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi PH,
You're right, there's a lot of general information on our websites ( and pertaining to your questions.
But it sounds like you're looking for information about the specific experiences of our INIT group between 1995 and 1999, when our contacts began to break down.
My book Miracles in the Storm answers your questions in a lot of detail--how the egos and personalities of the members upset the resonance that we'd enjoyed since the inception of our group.
Resonance seems to be the key factor in an ITC bridge, and I've written about it at some length in most of my books and on our website, and I talk about it in a youtube video

In a nutshell, resonance in an ITC group is fostered by good will, friendship, and trust. It's corrupted by envy, doubt, fear, and animosity--moods that create a dense, troubled vibration. Our spirit friends in the finer realms (those with the knowledge and power to create ITC bridges) can't resonate with those dark vibrations, so they lose touch with us when our animal side takes over.

You might look into the experiences of the Scole group in England, who also were getting good contacts while we got ours, and whose contacts also broke down around the same time ours did. They talk about some kind of interdimensional probe that caused their troubles. But there was also dissonance among their members at that time... so the exact reason is open to conjecture.

At any rate, hopefully that gives you a starting point for further exploration!

Mark M

PS - Also, use prayer or focused meditation to invite Ethereal beings (angels) into your project. They can make miracles happen.


 Meditation and out-of-body travel


-----Original Message-----
From: HH
Sent: Friday, January 02, 2009 2:25 PM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: RE: Chats on the website

Dear Mark,

Funny thing. Today I did your guided trip to Paradise for real, as a participant rather than the observer that I was yesterday, when I heard the whole thing. I was glad I'd listened to it yesterday, because today "missed" the whole visit to the Other Side. I was totally out of it from just before you took us there until the part of the meditation where we return to "normal"
existence. Apparently I went quite deep into trance, maybe deeper than ever before. And yet the induction seems so simple. I have generally resisted going "too deep" because I always want to monitor - even when tuning in to guides and people who've left their bodies and writing down our dialogues. Anyway, today with your CD I must have felt safe enough to let go. Congratulations!

I've been reading Georgina Cannon's book on the Inter-Life, btw. It seems that for such explorations quite a deep trance is required. Dr.
Michael Newton takes a long time and a lot of preamble to get people deep enough. And here you are, sending me way down into probably deep theta with a few apparently casual suggestions.

In November I took the National Guild of Hypnotists' training to become a Certified Instructor, with Dr. Cannon in Toronto. I'm not quite sure why, but I know it felt right, and turned out to be a really good experience in itself.

Now I'm designing some coaching programs and certificates with my daughter, and writing a small pamphlet on the various aspects, meanings and applications of hypnotism. It keeps grabbing me by the scruff of the neck and hauling me back into learning and practising it more and more. I do want to see it in as large a context as possible; that's why I stumbled on Bill Hewitt's "Beyond Hypnotism", which brought me to the IIIHS.

My doctoral degree is eventually going to get to me. According to my latest info from FedEx, it left Sri Lanka heading for another graduate in Switzerland. Mystery. As they say in French - Mystère et boule de gomme. The classmate has been advised to expect possibly not only her degree but also mine. How did it go when yours materialized?



Mark Macy wrote:


Hi HH!

On one of my early tech writing jobs I worked in the next office from Bill Hewitt.
He wasn't spiritual, but deeply into Silva Mind Control and hypnosis.
He's the one who got me into meditation.
We became good friends for a time when I was still single, and I went to Mexico with Bill and his wife Dee. (They also got me interested in timeshares; my wife and I have one in Cancun.) Have lost touch with the Hewitts in the past 15 years.

The technique that gets you deep into meditation on the CD is mostly the Hemi-Sync signals put there by The Monroe Institute. ( and (

It's a pulsing sound that lulls the brain into higher states of consciousness.
It's helped many thousands of people to meditate without a lot of practice.

Warm wishes,




Making meaningful contact with loved ones


"MZ" from Malta



-----Original Message-----

From: MZ

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 5:52 AM


Subject: ITC

Hello Mark.

Remember me? The last time we spoke, I thought I had received a weird ITC message on my cordless telephone. Well, eventually I did discover the source of that message. It was very mundane, nothing paranormal, verging on the ridiculous. It's so ridiculous that I am embarassed, actually! Well! Remember I was amazed to hear what I thought was the voice of a fictional character? Well, that was actually my voice. I had recorded a message just to play a little joke on my 5 year old son, and I had completely forgotten I did. Then one day, I accidentally hit a button on my phone, and heard the playback. I didn't recognise my own voice (which I altered.... for the sake of the joke!) SO, my very own bogus ITC experience.

Mark, in my last email, I told you that my mother was seriously ill, with cancer. She had a malignant breast lump which she never spoke up about. And by the time we discovered,  the cancer had spread all over her body. The lungs... the bones... the brain, possibly. We tried, and tried but there was no way we could beat such a monster, It was a battle that we lost. She made the transition to the next realm three weeks ago, now. And we miss her terribly. She was a great mother. Home and family were all that she ever lived for. She is no longer with us now, and that causes much pain to all of us who are still on earth to mourn her loss.

We feel a need to contact her. I know that you are an expert on such matters, and that is why I am asking your advice. EVP seems to be the way to go, but I have read some dire warnings that this can have consequences. Is it safe? Some websites states that it may attract unwelcome spirits to move into one's home, or possibly result in possession. I do want to contact her very much, but surely I would not like to end up "possessed"! What are your views about this?

Do you think it is possible for the average person to establish two way, real time communication with the hereafter, by ITC? If so, how does one go about this? It would be much appreciated if you could offer some guidelines on the matter!

 In any case, thank you very much for the very important work that you do.







Mark Macy wrote:

Hi MZ,

Thanks for your sad and funny email. I couldn't help but laughing about your 'strange voice' through the wireless phone. I've done the same thing with experimental meetings we've had; a strange voice will emanate from the radio sounds, which seems to be a spirit voice...but later on one of us remembers someone muttering that during the meeting. One of the pitfalls of ITC.

A loss of a loved one, of course, is no laughing matter. My advice for these situations is always the same: Confine your communications with the departed loved one (in your case, your mom) to prayers, meditations, and loving thoughts about her for awhile. Only when you're at peace, happy, and feeling good about life - - no longer deeply missing her but feeling happy that she's moved on to a better world - - THEN you can try other forms of communication, such as EVP and ITC.

EVP and ITC experiments can be richly rewarding, but as you mention there are also dangers - - - not just to us on this side, but also to our loved ones. If a person on Earth (a grieving, surviving spouse, for example) is desolate and desperate to be in touch with his or her late partner, the spirit must detach for awhile and get settled in paradise. If he or she stays close to the physical loved one who is in a dismal mood, then the spirit can easily get stuck in a dismal spirit world, unable to find the way back to the paradise world where he or she belongs.

The same is true with your mother. If some of her family members are deeply grieving and longing for her presence, then she is probably better off detaching from Earth for awhile and getting settled in paradise. When things 'calm down' over here, then she'll be present a lot, especially  sharing celebrations, birthdays, and holidays with you all.

So . . . my advice is to pray for her happiness and your family's happiness frequently, invite ethereal guides (angels) to support you all in the field of love that is shared between your mother and her family and friends still on Earth. See (in your mind) that field glowing brightly!

The bottom line with ITC: we resonate with people in spirit who are of like attitude with us, and we attract those spirits into our life and into our work. Avoid ITC experimenting when you're "spirits are low," so to speak, and enjoy them only when you're feeling a lot of love and gratification about your life.

Hope this helps!

Mark M


-----Original Message-----

From: MZ

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 8:55 AM

To: Mark Macy

Subject: Re: ITC

Thanks for your reply Mark.

I am pleased to note that you do not advise against contacting our dear departed by EVP and/or ITC, but merely to postpone it to a later, more appropriate time! One site (url removed for this article) states that merely listening to EVP clips on the internet can also attract unwelcome spirits. I personally find **this** rather hard to believe. Thanks once again Mark. I'll postpone my EVP/ITC endeavours to a later date then!




Hi MZ,

There's a lot of fear out there lately about spirit stuff... and stuff in general. It takes an extra effort to stay anchored in trust and good will, but I think that's the key to happiness and success in lots of things, including ITC and EVP. If a person reads a scary book or watches a scary movie or visits a scary webpage, and then feels fear, then yes, the fear can lower the person's spiritual vibration so that unpleasant invisible influences can move into his or her life for awhile. It's just a matter of avoiding the savage emotions. The person who remains steeped in trust and good will can walk through the darkest of forests without harm from the invisible worlds, because he or she stays connected to a strong invisible support group.

(By the way, I'm building a new website at the moment, and I'd like to include some of these important email chats I have with people like you...Would you mind if I include this email chat on the website? I'll be happy to use initials rather than names...)

Mark M


-----Original Message-----

From: MZ

Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2008 1:21 AM

To: Mark Macy

Subject: RE: ITC

No problem Mark. And thanks for you help.



-----Original Message-----

From: MZ

Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2008 1:05 AM


Subject: ITC

Hello Mark,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind words, and all of the advice that you have been giving. Thanks Mark!

My brother and I often talk about contacting Mum by EVP and ITC. You know, she has been a wonderful person, and we would very much like to hear her voice again; to say hello to her and to know that she has safely reached her destination. As she was crossing over, I did two things. I kept a lock of her hair, and whispered in her ear "you'll be hearing from me soon." I would dearly love to keep that promise. I have symbolically sent her an SMS, but of course - that's symbolic! We can try EVP, certainly; but we have been wondering how feasible it would be for the Ordinary Joe (i.e. us!) to establish two way, real time communication. I wonder! How do you go about this? Do I just sit by the phone and ask her over and over again to call me? Any advice would be much appreciated, as I have no experience in this sort of thing at all. I would suppose this is no easy task. She has always been definately on the technophobic side, with any device having more than two buttons causing her considerable frustration, so we might have to wait for quite sometime before receiving our first "hello" from Heaven!

Anyway.... thanks once again Mark. It is always so uplifting to visit your website/s and to receive your emails. The hard evidence that you provide for our survival after our miserly physical body has whithered away is unique, impressive, and above all - comforting!  Regards,




Hi MZ,

What I'd do in your position (and have done with my own late parents) is to pray a lot. Just move to the heart and share a lot of love during prayers and meditations. That keeps your loved ones close to you in the best possible light.

EVP is sometimes a good experience for those on both sides, and it's sometimes unpleasant. (people on the other side have to be in denser spirit bodies in denser worlds to come through with EVP voices, and those worlds aren't so enlightened and loving.)

Meditation and prayer cut through the denser planes and spread into the finer realms. If your mother is given the opportunity to make ITC contact with you by phone or computer or . . . it'll probably be from those finer realms with the protection and guidance of ethereal beings.

Good luck,



-----Original Message-----
From: MZ
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 7:19 AM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: Re: ITC

Thanks Mark. I will do as you say. So since ITC contact is from the "finer realms", ITC should probably be safer than EVP, I guess. I've heard some very horrible EVP clips on the internet, including four letter words and hate messages! Truly horrible. I actually tried sending my mother a mental message to ask Konstantin Raudive for advice...

Anyway... I'll keep hoping and trying!!

Thanks once again.



-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 4:25 AM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: Prayer and meditation

 Hi Mark,

 In one of our recent emails, we spoke of "meditation and prayer". Can you please tell me what is meant by this? Who does one pray to? God? The Deceased? The Ethereal Guides? Can you also please let me know how one should meditate? Quite honestly, I follow no organised rehigion. I have embarked on my personal search for the Thruth. So the meaning of "prayer", in this case, is not altogether clear to me.




Hi MZ,

It's sometimes said that prayer and meditation are techniques of communicating with finer spirit (God and the ethereal realms). Prayer is talking, and meditation is listening.

Whether people, while praying, actually converse with God--the Principle or Source--is open to question, but it's my experience that a sincere prayer from the heart is always heard and acted upon in some way by wise, brilliant, and loving ethereal beings who act as intercessors to the Source. All it takes is getting quiet, calming the mind and, if possible, moving your awareness from the head to the heart, then submitting your silent message with focused thinking. It might be helpful to go to the spirit worlds page of the website and picture the ethereal realms in your mind while you’re praying.

Meditation, again, involves calming and clearing the mind, connecting to the finer realms of spirit, and listening for insights or performing such routines as clearing yourself or your home spiritually. My favorite meditation at this point in my life is the heart meditation. You can find good meditative techniques on the Internet, and my CD “Bridge to Paradise” includes a heart meditation and tour of the spirit worlds, facilitated by “hemi-sync” sounds of The Monroe Insitute. If you’re not familiar with TMI, their technology lulls the brain into higher states of consciousness, moving you into a meditative state quickly and smoothly.

I hope that information helps!






Opening a new ITC bridge


"A&G" from Long Island, NY


From: A&G
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 5:54 PM
Subject: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication

 To Whom It May Concern (we are not sure who to address this to)

We both are Deaf and cannot hear nor speak and had lost our loved ones some years ago.  Our physical handicaps have prevented us from being able to see our departed ones from beyond and have tried using the ITC but with no success.  We found you via the site and are from Long Island , New York ourselves.  We hope to find someone who can help us, for a cost, see our loved ones from the other side.  Something as visually clear as the ones seen in this link:

We apologize if this is something outside your capacity to help; and would try our best to pay one to help us see our only family who have departed us.

We appreciate and look forward to hearing from you,



From: Mark Macy < >
Subject: RE: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication
To: A&G
Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 8:13 PM

Hi A&G,

Sorry to say I can’t really help you with this at this time.

The quality of ITC contacts you’re referring to (the Maria Jakubowski image) are not coming through at the moment. Lots of people can try to get EVP voices, and I could possibly get your loved ones’ spirit faces on Polaroid film, but the spectacular TV and computer images just are not coming through at this time, for any researchers, as far as I know.

Good luck on your search,

Mark Macy,



From: A&G
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 6:41 PM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: RE: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your fast reply!  We really appreciate it.  The image with Maria and several other images (i.e. the images from the article "Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond") - did you say that these now do not come across to receiving stations anymore?  That's a real letdown.  How come it just stopped?  The images of Maria, Hanna Buschbeck, and even the scenery used to come through; can you tell us how it can just "stop"?

Of course, it is sad news, but we won't give up.

Warm respects, A&G



From: Mark Macy <>
Subject: RE: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication
To: A&G
Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 11:09 PM

Hi A&G,

ITC contacts depend on resonance among researchers. It’s hard for humans to stay in harmony for more than a few months or years. Egos, hormones, and personalities take over, and there is dissonance. Dissonance disrupts the “contact field,” so that our spirit friends are no longer in tune with us, and they can’t work with our equipment. That’s the problem in a nutshell. There’s more written in our websites and in my books.

 Mark M



From: A&G
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 6:37 PM
To: Mark Macy
Subject: RE: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication

Dear Mark,

Now I understand, with thanks to you and your sites with helpful references.  I know this may be silly - how about if this project resumes with just few people instead of a pool of many?  Perhaps with just as few as one to a couple to begin with will reduce the chance of discord.  Even a smaller organization to work with the Technician and/or people from the beyond at their stations?  Somehow a small scale INIT/UN-like team with policies in mind should make this work.  I am quite sure, discord is common on the other side as all spirits and humans are meant to be imperfect.

Communicating this fashion like it was back in 1987 was too good to pass due to harmony issues.  Sometimes I wonder if compromise and/or "at first if you don't succeed, try, try and try again" would apply.

I appreciate your friendship and communication and find your work scintillating and will follow your work with appreciation.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care, A&G



From: Mark Macy <>
Subject: RE: Request about Instrumental Transcommunication
To: " A&G
Date: Tuesday 12/16/2008 10:47 AM

Hi A&G,

I established several groups besides INIT, including a couple of local research groups and one other international resonance group, but no bridges opened up for us.

Our spirit group (Timestream and The Seven ethereals) gave us suggestions from time to time about starting and sustaining INIT. I'm sure that minds change 'over there' (just like they change here among us humans on Earth), but here are some of the things they told us up until 1999, when the contacts broke down:

1) They implied that our group would have to be an international or intercultural effort. I infer from their messages that they've tried in the past to reach humanity through certain cultures or nations or religions, but today they want to try to reach us through a group of humans who span many if not all cultures, races, religions, and nationalities. I believe that the unavoidable 'clannishness' of chosen cultures in the past has caused a lot of problems down through the ages. Today, finally, they can do things right (connect with ALL of humanity), thanks to the Internet and other worldwide communication technologies, and, frankly, I doubt they will settle for much less than that. They want us to get our stuff TOGETHER before they reopen the miraculous ITC bridges. I believe I'd feel that way if I were in their ethereal shoes. 

2) There are certain psychospiritual qualities of an effective ITC receiving human being. The person has a focused will that 'penetrates the veil like a lance,' creating realities in other worlds. That was told to us by an ancient Chinese physician (Yang Fu-dse) who was/is(?) a member of Timestream.

3) Beware of fears and doubts among members. Doubt can make life on Earth an adventure, but chronic doubts can poison one's ITC efforts and one's life.

4) The Seven ethereals told us, “We have chosen to help and support the way chosen by you in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. It is not to be mixed up with religion, which means to believe. The two can be complementary, but they are independent one to the other….”

That'll give you an idea of how (I believe) a miraculous ITC bridge will someday (soon, I hope) open up. I’m certainly hoping it happens in my lifetime, but I suspect I may be working on the project in some capacity whenever it happens, from wherever I am, whether it involves my physical participation or supporting a group with my prayers and meditations.

Warm wishes for the holidays and new year!